Certified traumatologist-orthopedist, microsurgeon, hand surgeon

Certified traumatologist-orthopedist, microsurgeon, hand surgeon


Dr. U. Krustins has been working at the Microsurgery Center since 2006. He performs operations in wrist surgery, as well as traumatology and orthopedics.

Phone number: 67969830 20284685

Arthroscopic surgery, surgical treatment of wrist problems

Professional organisations

Member of Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH);

National delegate from Latvia in Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH);

Member of International Wrist Arthroscopy Society (IWAS);

Member of Latvian Association for surgery of the Hand (LASH), member of the certification committee;

Member of Latvian Association of Traumatology and Orthopedics (LATO), member of the board;

Member of Latvian Medical Association (LMA);

Additional education and practice:

AO ASIF Basic course Jurmala, Latvia (1996)

Exchange educational program Waterbury, Connecticut (USA, 1997)

AO ASIF Hand surgery course Davos (Switzerland, 1998)

Bone and Joint surgery course, Salzburg (Austria, 2001)

ICH/GCP Training course held by ICON, Riga (Latvia, 2005)

The Louisville Microsurgery Teaching Course, Frankfurt (Germany, 2008)

New Frontiers in Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery - Masterclass course, Rotterdam (Netherlands, 2009)

Ultrasonography course for no-radiologists, Riga (Latvia, 2010)

All around the Wrist course, Sauthend (UK, 2010)

Wrist surgery course with cadaver workshop, Markroningen and Heidelberg University (Germany, 2012)

STORZ Endoscopic cubital tunnel surgery course, Berlin (Germany, 2013)

Distal radius surgery course, St. Petersburg (Russia, 2015)

Arthrex ArthroLab hand surgery course, Munich (Germany, 2017)

Hong Kong International Wrist Arthroscopy Workshop and Seminar: Advanced course and Wrist Symposium (2017)

LYON Wrist course (2018)

XIII Wrist surgery course Markroningen and Strasbourg (2019)

Articles, scientific publications

Congresses and conferences:

2021. - speaker - EOF Online Club webinar

2021. - speaker - LĀB Online conference

2020. – participant, speaker and poster presentation - 12th APFSSH congress, Melbourne, Australia

2020. - speaker - EOF Online Club Webinar

2019. - participant and speaker - LTOK 2019 conference

2019. – participant and oral presentation - RSU scientific week 2019

2019. - speaker - SSSH 2019 congress Tallinn, Estonia

2018. - speaker - AO TRAUMA Seminar – fractures and dislocations around the elbow, Riga, Latvia

2017. - participant - XXIII FESSH Congress Copenhagen, Denmark

2017. – participant, oral and 2 poster presentations - 11th APFSSH congress Cebu, Philippines

2016.-2019. – speaker and faculty - annual (EWAS/IWAS) wrist arthroscopy course and workshop, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016. – participant and oral presentation - ILTOK 2016 conference, Riga, Latvia

2016. – participant, oral and poster presentation - 26th Scandinavian Hand Society meeting (SSSH) Levi, Finland

2016. - participant - Baltic Hand meeting Tallinn, Estonia

2014. – participant and poster presentation - 10th Congress of APFSHT Kualalumpur, Malaysia

2014. - participant - 25th Scandinavian Hand Society meeting (SSSH), Bergen, Norway

2013. – participant and oral presentation - 5th congress of Baltic Traumatologists and Orthopedic surgeons, Riga, Latvia

2013. – participant and oral presentation - conference of Latvian Association of Musculoskeletal radiology, Riga, Latvia

2013. – participant and poster presentation National faculty - AO TRAUMA course, Riga, Latvia

2013. – participant and poster presentation - 12th IFSSH congress New Delhi, India

2013. – participant and oral presentations - Joint Singapore-Malaysia-Finland-Estonia-Latvia Hand Surgery Societies Meeting (incorporating the 22nd Comprehensive Hand Review Course), Singapore

2012. – participant and oral presentation - 9th Congress of APFSHT Bali, Indonesia

2012. – participant - Inaugural Congress of Asian Pacific Federation of societies for Reconstructive microsurgery, Singapore

2012. – participant and oral presentation - 2nd. Baltic Hand Meeting, Riga, Latvia

2012. – participant and oral presentation - 6th ILTOK, Riga, Latvia

2011. – participant and oral presentation – 5th ILTOK, Riga, Latvia

2010. - participant - 23rd Scandinavian Hand Society meeting (SSSH) Gotland, Sweden

2010. – participant - 1st Baltic Hand Meeting


Comparison of functional results after traditional and arthroscopically assisted osteosynthesis of the distal end of the spinal cord; Uldis Krustins, Andris Jumtins, Diana Bringina, Kristine Sitca, https://viaa.gov.lv/library/files/original/2016_RSU_zin_raksti_medicina_2016.pdf

Comparison of volar locking plates with external fixation and K-wires in arthroscopically assisted intraarticular distal radial fracture fixation Uldis Krustins1, Janis Krustins1, Diana Bringina1, Kristine Laurane2 and Andris Jumtins2 Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume) 0 (0) 1-6! The Author (s) 2019 Article reuse guidelines: sagepub.com/journals-permissions DOI: 0.1177 / 1753193419879567 journals.sagepub.com/home/jhs, First Published October 9, 2019; pp. 333-338,

Comparison of fluoroscopically and arthroscopically assisted volar plating of articular distal radius fractures. Uldis Krustins, Vadims Nefjodovs, Diana Bringina, Aija Jaudzema, Andris Jumtins; PROCEEDINGS OF THE LATVIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. Section B, Vol. 75 (2021), no. 1 (730), p. 20-30 DOI: 10.2478 / prolas-2021-00XX

Scientific activity:​​

Doctoral dissertation “Comparison of volar locking plates with external fixation and K-wires in arthroscopically assisted intra-articular distal radius fracture fixation” and PhD degree in Riga Stradins University in 2021.

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