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Why choose us?
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    Multidisciplinary approach

    Our team consists of experienced plastic surgeons, traumatologists, orthopedists, hand surgeons, pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, occupational therapists, and diagnostic radiologists. This means that you will receive all the necessary specialist advice and assistance in the same place.

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    High professionalism

    You will be assisted by Latvia's leading international plastic surgeons and hand surgeons, who have acquired professional knowledge and regularly advance it in clinics in the USA, Singapore, Norway, Germany, and Austria. Other local colleagues learn from our energetic specialists - you will be in truly safe hands!

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    Comfortable conditions

    After the operation, you will be able to relax in cozy rooms, where you will be taken care of by experienced and responsive staff. We provide convenient service, personal attitude, and confidentiality.

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    Guaranteed quality for an affordable price

    We ensure high quality - we work according to internationally recognized standards (evidence based medicine) and use only the latest technologies, materials, and equipment. We guarantee a great result within your budget!

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    According to Cabinet Regulation No. 60, the institution is freely accessible to people with disabilities.

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    Working time: 24/7

    The microsurgery center is open 24 hours a day, as it is the only medical institution in Latvia where traumatically lost body parts are sutured. The help of qualified specialists is available to you at any time of the day.

For foreign visitors

The Microsurgery Center is one of the largest plastic surgery clinics in the Baltics, which provides assistance in aesthetic, reconstructive, and wrist surgery.

Every year, dozens of foreign patients choose the Microsurgery Center to regain their health and beauty.


Dr. Krauklis
Par krūts palielināšanas operāciju un bērnu barošanu

How to perform a procedure at our clinic?

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When contacting the Microsurgery Center, the patient must indicate the exact date of the planned arrival in Latvia in order to be able to schedule a pre-operative consultation in time, as well as the planned length of stay.


Specify the desired service

The desired operation should be specified in order to be able to schedule the day of the operation, the duration of the pre- and post-operation period, as well as to identify the necessary additional examinations.


Perform the necessary analyzes

Analyzes can be performed in Latvia or in your home country. When performing analyzes in your home country, there must be an indication that they are valid for 10-14 days and that it is possible to perform them abroad. The tests requirements vary depending on the type of anesthesia procedure.

Local anesthesia:

If the patient is under 40 years of age, a complete blood count, urine test, and blood group should be performed.

If the patient is over 40 years of age, a complete blood count, urine test, blood group, ECG, biochemistry (ALT, AST, bilirubin, creatinine, Na, K) should be performed.

General anesthesia:

If the patient is scheduled for general anesthesia, a complete blood count, urine test, blood group, ECG, biochemistry (ALT, AST, bilirubin, creatinine, Na, K) should be performed, as well as a consultation with an anesthesiologist who may appoint additional investigations that can be carried out on the spot.


Contact our specialists

Before going to Latvia, it is advisable to send photos to your doctor’s work e-mail. The e-mail of each doctor is indicated in the doctor’s profile, and the full list of professionals can be viewed in the section “Our professionals”.

Our doctors

Consultations with doctors take place at the Microsurgery Center, Brīvības gatve 410, 2nd floor (entrance from the backyard, door code: 2 and bell).

You can reach the clinic by the following public transport:
Trams 3 and 6, buses 1, 14, and 40, minibuses 203 and 206.


Operations are performed at the Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Hipokrāta Street 2, 3rd floor, ward 20.

The clinic can be reached by the following public transport: trolleybuses 14 and 18, bus 21, minibuses 204, 206 and 263.

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