Skin lesions and tumors

The surgeons of the reconstructive microsurgery clinic also treat malignant and benign neoplasms of the skin, muscles and bones. Treatment of these neoplasms is often performed in collaboration with an oncologist. Skin neoplasms in superficial layers of the skin can be removed using laser treatment. Other non-complicated skin and muscle neoplasms are removed, with surgeons trying to leave as small a scar as possible. If the neoplasm is small, then the tissue defect occurring following the excision of the neoplasm is reconstructed by the plastic surgeon using similar tissue in order for the functional and cosmetic defect of the affected body part to be minimal.

The amount of surgery in the case of malignant skin diseases is substantially larger than in the case of the excision of benign neoplasms. In such cases, the microsurgery method of healthy tissue transplantation is used. In addition to the surgery, other treatment methods prescribed by the oncologist may be necessary (radiation, chemotherapy, etc.).

In the reconstructive Microsurgery Clinics, the surgical treatment of oncologic diseases of any other organ system or different stages of such therapy is performed if the removal of tumours results in extensive soft tissue or bone defects, whose reconstruction requires the microsurgical transplantation of healthy tissue.

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