Cubital tunnel syndrome

The cubital tunnel is located in the internal part of the cubital joint where the cubital nerve passes. The most common disorders are numbness of the little and ring finger. In the case of long-term compression of this nerve, wasting of the hand muscles occurs, and it is no longer possible to perform accurate finger movements.

Endoscopic or conventional surgery can be performed. During the surgery an incision is made in the internal surface of the cubital joint, and under direct visual control or endoscopically, the ligament is divided and the nerve is released to reduce the pressure in the cubital tunnel.

Duration of the surgery: on average 30 min to 1 hour.

Anaesthesia: regional or general.

Treatment: in an out-patient setting.

Convalescence: following the surgery local discomfort and pain may occur, which is well controlled with analgesic tablets. Wounds heal in 2 weeks. Wound should be dressed 2 to 3 times a week. After two weeks the skin sutures are removed. During the postoperative period, ergotherapy and movement training for the arm may be necessary.

Result: the results of the surgery depend on the duration of nerve compression. Therefore it is important to visit the doctor in due time if the person has a feeling of finger, arm or hand numbness.

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