Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon

Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon


Dr. Med. M. Kapickis has been working at the Microsurgery Center since 1997. Performs hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery.

Scientific activity: PhD thesis “Microvascular bundle grafts – a source of neoangiogenesis and revascularization”.


Microsurgical reconstruction of Plexus Brachialis lesions


Peripheral nerve diseases and lesions


‘Thoracic Outlet’ Syndrome


Wrist surgery


Rheumatoid arthritis

Professional organizations

Member of the Latvian Medical Association

Latvian Association of Plastic Surgeons (www.pka.lv)

Latvian Hand and Microsurgery Association (www.lash.org.lv)

American Association of Hand Surgery (https://www.assh.org/s/)

Finnish Hand Surgery Association (https://suomenkasikirurgiyhdistys.fi/)

International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)

Singapore Hand Surgery Association (http://www.sshs.sg/)

European Federation of Hand Surgical Associations (https://fessh.com/)

Additional education and practice

Doctor's diploma: Latvian Medical Academy (Riga Stradins University), September 1990 - June 1996

Resident's diploma. September 1996 - August 2001 Obtained a Certificate of Plastic Surgeon

Postgraduate Training in Hand Surgery, Singapore National University Hospital

August 2002 - August 2003 Clinical practice. Obtained a certificate of a Hand Surgery Fellow

Postgraduate Training in Hand Surgery, Louisville University Hospital, Kleinert Hand Surgery Center. Clinical practice. June 2006 - July 2007

ECFMG certificate. In December 1996 and 1997, he passed the US medical licensing exam in basic and clinical medicine disciplines

AO ASIF basic course

Keggi Orthopedic Foundation Academic Exchange Program at Waterbury Hospital (Yale University, USA) from October 1999 to December 1999

Mayo Clinic Visiting Physician Program from 6-12 December 1999. December

Microsurgical technique training course November 11-16, 2002. Singapore National University Hospital

Advanced microsurgical technique course July 3, 2006 - July 7, 2006. Louisville University Hospital, Kentucky, USA

Hand Fracture Fixation Workshop, August 19-20, 2006. Louisville University Hospital, Kentucky, USA

AO International Hand and Wrist Course, 15-18 June 2008 November. Basel, Switzerland

1st Hand & Wrist Arthroplasty Course and Cadaveric Workshop, 22-23. September. Singapore

DRUJ Conference / wokshop. 15-16, 2011 March. Southend University Hospital, UK

Distant Radio Fracture Fixation Advanced Technique Course (Spätfolgen der distalen Radiusfraktur), 13-14, 2012. April. Othopädische Klinik Markgröningen. Germany

Endoscopic Kubital Tunnel Minimally Invasive Arm Surgery Course. (workshop Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Minimal Invasive Hand Surgery). Dr. Reimer Hoffmann; HPC-Oldenburg. 12/13/2013 Germany

Articles, scientific publications

Kapickis M, Beinarovica I. Fascial Epicondylar Augmentation in Cases of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome With Ulnar Nerve Instability. Tech Hand Up Extreme Surgery. 2020 Dec 18 doi: 10.1097 / BTH.0000000000000332. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33900059.

Verdins K, Kapickis M. Oberlin's Transfer: Long Term Outcomes. J Hand Surg Asian Pac Vol. 2018 Jun; 23 (2): 176-180. doi: 10.1142 / S2424835518500170. PMID: 29734889.

Martins K, Lahiri A, Pupelis G. Surgical treatment of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome secondary to the clavicle haematogenic subacute osteomyelitis. Hand Surg. 2011; 16 (2): 161-5. doi: 10.1142 / S0218810411005266. PMID: 21548151.

Kapickis M, Lahiri A, Lim AY. Different angiogenic behavior of ligated saphenous and epigastric vascular bundles in avascular environment: an in-vivo experimental study. Hand Surg. 2010; 15 (1): 17-25. doi: 10.1142 / S0218810410004473. PMID: 20422722.

Kapickis M. New "loop" suture for FDP zone I injuries. Tech Hand Up Extreme Surg. 2009 Sep; 13 (3): 141-4. doi: 10.1097 / BTH.0b013e3181abc9c. PMID: 19730043.

Kapickis M, Sassu P, Thirkannad SM. Evaluation of two types of vascular bundles for revascularization of avascular tissue. J Hand Surg Am. 2009 Oct; 34 (8): 1461-6. doi: 10.1016 / j.jhsa.2009.05.004. Epub 2009 Aug 7. PMID: 19664887.

Kapickis M, Kutz JE. Titanium alloy ring crush injury. Am J Emerg. Med. 2007 Nov; 25 (9): 1084.e3-5. doi: 10.1016 / j.ajem.2007.03.006. PMID: 18022513.

Lim AY, Kumar VP, Sebastin SJ, Kapickis M. Split flexor carpi pulmonary transfer: a new functioning free muscle transfer with independent dual function. Plastic Reconstructive Surg. 2006 May; 117 (6): 1927-32. doi: 10.1097 / 01.prs.0000209996.52222.2e. PMID: 16651966.

Kapickis M, Looi KP, Khin-Sze Chong A. Combined fractures of the body and hook of hamate: a form of ulnar axial injury of the wrist. Scand. J Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery. 2005; 39 (2): 116-9. doi: 10.1080 / 02844310410021767. PMID: 16019741.

Kapickis M, Tikhonov A, Sunil TM. Salvage of an ischemic "kite" flap by arteriovenous supercharging. J Reconstructive Microsurgery. 2005 Apr; 21 (3): 157-9. doi: 10.1055 / s-2005-869820. PMID: 15880293.

Kapickis M. Rate of fingernail growth. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 2003 Oct; 112 (5): 1501. doi: 10.1097 / 01.PRS.0000080586. 85689.B3. PMID: 14504556.

Libermanis O, Krauklis G, Kapickis M, Krustins J, Tikhonovs A. Distally-based forearm flow-through flaps for emergency finger revascularization. J Reconstructive Microsurgery. 2001 Nov; 17 (8): 607-10. doi: 10.1055 / s-2001-18815. PMID: 11740656.

Libermanis O, Krauklis G, Kapickis M, Krustiņs J, Tikhonovs A. Use of the microvascular finger fillet flap. J Reconstructive Microsurgery. 1999 Nov; 15 (8): 577-80. doi: 10.1055 / s-2007-1000140. PMID: 10608737.

Libermanis O, Kapickis M, Krustiņs J. An unusual case of microvascular replantation of the scalp. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 1998 Nov; 102 (6): 2273-4. doi: 10.1097 / 00006534-199811000-00074. PMID: 9811032.

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