Rhinoplasty - Nasal reconstruction

The nose is the central part of the face, so its visual changes or defects attract attention and can cause emotional discomfort.

Nasal reconstruction is performed in the following cases:

  • Congenital defects and deformities
  • Post-traumatic defects and deformities
  • After an oncological disease that has caused a defect
  • After diseases and tissue infections that cause destruction of nasal tissues, deformation
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Rhinoplasty - Nasal reconstruction

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Information about the operation


Nasal reconstruction involves functional and / or aesthetic reconstruction of the nose. The chosen operation depends on the location and extent of the defect. During the reconstruction you can:


  • Correct nasal skin and mucous membrane defects with local tissues, rotated tissue levers, or microvascular tissues
  • Reconstruct the bony and cartilaginous carcass of the nose with grafts taken from the patient himself, in rare cases – with artificial material

Duration of the operation

1.5-10 hours on average.


The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia; small defects can be corrected under local anesthesia.


Inpatient. The length of stay in the hospital depends on the extent of the reconstruction


The course of the postoperative period depends on the extent of the correction.

Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon
Certified plastic surgeon

When is a nose reconstruction operation performed?

Reconstruction surgery should be performed after nasal tissue defects and dysfunctions caused by oncological diseases, injuries, congenital defects, or infections.

Does it always have to stay in the hospital after the nasal tissue reconstruction?

If the operation is performed to correct small skin defects with local tissues, then the patient can go home after the operation. If the surgical plan includes reconstruction of the nasal skeleton and soft tissues, the patient spends several days in the hospital.

Will the nose reconstructed after the operation be identical to the former one?

It is not possible to obtain a complete identity, but the purpose of the operation is to restore a very similar form.

What is the recovery period?

The postoperative period depends on the type of reconstruction performed. Your plastic surgeon will tell you more about this.

Operation price

Nose reconstruction

from 4050 €

The price of the operation includes surgery, anesthesia, hospital stay, and the costs of subsequent recovery processes.

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