Pronator syndrome

Symptoms of pronator muscle syndrome are very similar to that of carpal tunnel syndrome – feeling of finger and hand numbness – however in this disease the median nerve is compressed in the forearm, not the carpal tunnel. The surgery of the carpal tunnel opening will not achieve the desired result: one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful surgery – wrong diagnosis.

To state more exactly the level of nerve damage or compression, the hand surgeon will prescribe for the patient nerve conductivity examinations (neurography or electromyography). During these examinations, it is often discovered that the reason for complaints is compression of nerve radices in the neck. In such cases, the patient will be referred to the vertebrologist for further professional treatment.

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Pronator syndrome

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on average 1 hour.


local or general.


in an out-patient setting.


Following the surgery, local discomfort and pain may occur, which is well controlled with analgesic tablets. Wounds heal for 2 weeks. Wound should be dressed 2 to 3 times a week. After two weeks the skin sutures are removed. During the postoperative period the ergotherapy and movement training for the arm may be necessary.


 The results of the surgery depend on the duration of nerve compression. Therefore it is important to visit the doctor in due time if the person has a feeling of finger, arm or hand numbness.

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Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon

Can pronator syndrome be treated only surgically?

In most cases, pronator syndrome should be treated conservatively – without surgery, by resting the overworked arm, applying a fixative, and using painkillers – anti-inflammatory drugs. This may take 3-6 months.

When should pronator syndrome be operated on?

If conservative therapy is not effective or muscle weakness occurs, surgical release of the nerve is required. After the operation, a plaster is usually applied for 3 weeks and physiotherapy is required.

Operation price

Pronator syndrome

860 €

The price of the operation includes surgery, anesthesia, hospital stay, and the costs of subsequent recovery processes.

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