Breast augmentation

If the breast seems too small or asymmetric, there is a desire to restore the lost volume, for example, after feeding a child or significant weight loss – breast augmentation with implants is the best solution.
Silicone breast implants are inserted under the breast glands or muscles. Modern breast implants have a long warranty period, do not pose a risk of tumor formation, do not cause allergies and do not interfere with pregnancy – a woman has the opportunity to breastfeed her baby. The incision is made in the natural crease under the breast, armpits or around the areola of the breast, so the scars are almost invisible. Breast augmentation with implants is performed under general anesthesia, after the operation it is necessary to spend one night in the clinic, on the seventh day after the operation, the sutures are removed and then the first week it is necessary to wear an elastic bandage if the implants are installed under the muscle – chest tape (up to a month). The cost of breast augmentation with implants depends directly on the selected implants.

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Breast augmentation

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Information about the operation

Description of the procedure

During breast augmentation surgery, the shape and size of the breasts are improved with the help of implants. Implants are placed directly under the breast tissue or deeper – under the muscle of the anterior chest wall. Thanks to a wide choice of sizes, volumes and shapes of implants, the most suitable option is selected for each woman.

Duration of the surgery

1 to 2 hours.




1 day in the hospital.


1 to 6 days after the breast enlargement surgery there is pain and discomfort in the breast region; return to work is possible after several days, physical activities and contact with the breasts – after 3 to 4 weeks, scars disappear after 1 year or later.


Variable. In the long-term there may be a need to remove or change the breast implants.

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Breast augmentation with implants

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Specialist: Anda Gaile

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Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon.
Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon
Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon
Certified plastic surgeon
Certified plastic surgeon
Certified plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, hand surgeon

Can the operation be performed in the summer?

The operation can be performed all year round!

What determines the price of the operation?

The price of the operation may vary according to the implants chosen by the patient, as well as if the breast augmentation operation is combined with another additional method (for example fat injections or one of the breast shape corrections).

How long is the postoperative period?

The postoperative period lasts 4-6 weeks, during which time subcutaneous hematomas, edema, are gradually absorbed. After the operation, it is necessary to wear elastic compression underwear.

Operation price

Single breast augmentation

2100 €

The cost of the operation includes the operation itself under the supervision of our specialists, anesthesia (general anesthesia), hospital stay with all amenities, professional care and the costs of subsequent recovery processes until complete rehabilitation.

Breast augmentation

from 3200 €

The price includes breast augmentation surgery under the supervision of our specialists, breast implants, anesthesia (general anesthesia), stay in a hospital room with all amenities, professional care and expenses for subsequent recovery processes until complete rehabilitation.

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