Hygromas or ganglions are vesicles filled with a gel-like mass or benign formations in the arm related to the joints. Initially these formations can be noticed as small lumps under the skin, which gradually become larger. Patients often complain about the pain. During the surgery the formation is removed and if necessary, a histological examination is performed. Surgery is also necessary in cases when a malignant neoplasm is suspected.

Duration of the surgery: on average 30 min to 1 hour.

Anaesthesia: regional or general.

Treatment: in an out-patient setting.

Convalescence: following the surgery local discomfort and pain may occur, which is well controlled with analgesic tablets. Wounds heal in 2 weeks. The wound should be dressed 2 to 3 times a week. After two weeks the skin sutures are removed. During the postoperative period, ergotherapy and movement training for the arm and fingers may be necessary.

Result: if the surgery is performed correctly, the risk of recurrence is negligible.

Mucous cyst - from 350 EUR
Finger ganglion - 350 EUR
Dorsal finger ganglion - 350 EUR
Volar wrist ganglion - from 580 EUR
Dorsal wrist ganglion - from 510 EUR
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