Nose reconstruction

The nose is the first part of the respiratory tract. Its functions include the warming, moisturising and cleaning of inhaled air. The nasal structure determines the amount of inhaled air, and thus it is one of the factors determining the oxygen content supplied to the body. This function can be substantially affected by changes of the nasal internal structures, congenital particularities causing long-term general changes such as fatigue, loss of concentration, sleep disorders, etc. Therefore it is important to restore the normal internal structure of the nose following injuries, and to correct anatomical particularities.

The nose is a central constituent of the face, and its visual changes or defects attract attention and may cause emotional discomfort.

Procedure: nasal reconstruction involves the functional and/or aesthetic reconstruction of the nose. The chosen surgery depends on the patient’s complaints and wishes.

Duration of the surgery: on average 1.5 to 5 hours.

Anaesthesia: general.

Treatment: in hospital.

Convalescence: local pain, redness, swelling can occur after the surgery. Complaints reduce gradually over the first month. Special nasal packs, plaster casts may be necessary following the surgery.

Result: the effect is permanent.

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