Frequently asked questions

Can I breastfeed after the insertion of breast implants?

Yes. Breast enlargement and the insertion of breast implants does not affect breast-feeding. However, if you are planning to breastfeed a child in the future, please tell your plastic surgeon.

Is there a best age for cosmetic surgery?

It depends on the procedure and each particular case. Consult your plastic surgeon to find out whether you can undergo the planned cosmetic surgery.

How large can weight loss be after fat suction surgery?

Fat suction is not a weight loss procedure. Patients should not expect large weight loss as a result of liposuction surgery. The larger the amount of fat suctioned, the larger the risk of serious complications. However, taking into account that fat is suctioned from cosmetically important places, this procedure improves your appearance significantly.

Can the breast implants rupture?

Any type of plastic surgery has a definite risk of complication. Unfortunately, breast implants do not last a lifetime. Implants of the latest generation serve for a very long time - 15 to 20 years - and rupture very rarely. They contain silicone gel that in the case of rupture does not leak into surrounding tissue as was the case with old implants. This problem should be discussed with the plastic surgeon.

What is the right size of breast implants?

The size of the breast implant is determined between the patient and the doctor during a consultation. However, only those with realistic wishes are eligible for this surgery. Please do not expect that after the surgery you will possess a size D instead of a current size A.

Is plastic surgery dangerous?

Complications can occur during each surgical procedure. They can also occur after plastic surgery. A way to reduce this risk is to strictly observe the physician’s recommendations pre- and post-plastic surgery. If you have even the smallest of concerns about a particular procedure, consult your surgeon.

Is Anaesthesia necessary for cosmetic surgery?

Anaesthesia is necessary for almost all surgical procedures. Ask your surgeon what Anaesthesia will be used during your cosmetic surgery.

When will I be able to return to my job?

The convalescence period depends on the procedure and the patient. After some procedures the patient can return to work within days, but some procedures need a week or a longer period.

Are the scars visible after cosmetic surgery?

It depends on the cosmetic surgery. For some procedures, e.g. breast enlargement, physicians try to make incisions in places where the scars will not be visible. Some cosmetic procedures leave scars that are almost invisible, some scars become lighter over time and after healing are practically invisible, but never disappear completely.

How many procedures can be performed concomitantly?

Several plastic surgeries can be performed concomitantly. Not all combinations of surgeries are advisable; therefore the correct and safest option can be chosen and recommended only by the physician. Several concomitant plastic surgeries are the responsibility of the physician. The benefit is that the convalescence period is combined and you do not need to be absent from your work or have your vacation several times. However, the risk of complications is higher. For example, in the case of several surgeries the duration of general Anaesthesia is longer.

How much does abdominal skin stretching surgery cost?

All prices can be clarified by calling the Plastic Surgery Clinic; exact prices can also be clarified during the physician consultation.

For the improvement of which body parts can liposculpture be used?

Liposculpture can be used everywhere that excess fat is present. But the most popular body areas are the neck, upper arms, armpit region, hips, thighs, internal part of the knees, and abdominal area.

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