Endoscopic eyebrow lift

Aging, gravity and effects of sun cause first changes in the upper third of the face. They include wrinkles on the forehead, gradual downward positioning of the eyebrows, horizontal and vertical forehead-skin folds (anger folds), upper-eyelid skin draping over the eyelashes. All this creates an angry or tired look.  Forehead lift or endoscopic brow lift is a surgical procedure to elevate the eyebrows, correct sagging of the upper eyelids, smooth out vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles.
Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift
Goal: to restore drooping eyebrows and forehead area to a natural position and to smooth out horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles. 
Procedure: forehead and eyebrow lift surgery is divided into two large groups: open (classic) and endoscopic.
  • Open (classic) forehead / eyebrow lift surgery procedure involves making one continuous incision from ear to ear along the forehead hairline.
  • With the endoscopic lift, instead of making one long incision, five shorter incisions are made in the hairy area of the scalp, where special endoscopic devices are inserted into incisions. This allows the surgeon to view all anatomic structures and control every step of the procedure on a television screen, ensuring a successful outcome.
Anaesthesia: general
Duration of surgery: forehead / eyebrow lift surgery lasts on average for 1-2 hours. After surgery, patient stays in hospital for 1 day. 
Convalescence: the period of recovery lasts on average for 1-2 weeks. Redness, local swelling are expected after surgery, which will gradually disappear within two weeks. 

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