Breast correction

Breast correction surgeries are in high demand all over the world including Latvia, among them the most demanded breast surgery is breast enlargement with silicone implants.

Breast correction surgeries are performed for various reasons:

  • congenital / acquired breast asymmetry,
  • undeveloped mammary glands,
  • small breasts,
  • sagging breasts,
  • increased, large breasts,
  • congenital / acquired breast deformations,
  • changes of breast form,
  • breast reduction / sagging after breast-feeding.

Corrective surgeries of the nipples are also performed in the Plastic Surgery Clinic.


The name of the operation Price
Breast lift surgery (Mastopexy)   from 2350
Mastopexy with augmentation from 3700
Breast reduction surgery  from 2900
Reduction of one breast from 1650
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