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All parents are concerned about the comfort of their children in their first years at school, which can be disturbed by the emotional stress due to the prominent ears, quite often being the reason why schoolmates tease the “unlucky fellow”. Realizing that their child has prominent ears from the babyhood, parents start worrying and looking for the ways how to remedy the situation. They choose various approaches – placing a hat on the child’s head, or gauze bandage around the ears, there are even known the cases of using an adhesive plaster to stick ears to the head. However, one should know that the child’s ears are forming in his mother’s womb during the 10th – 12th pregnancy weeks and sometimes the formation process turns incomplete. When the child is born, his outer ear takes a certain shape, which in fact does not change in the course of time. Parents should care that their child’s ears are not bent when placing a hat on the head or when the child is sleeping, thus preventing the ear cartilage injury or a bit folded ears.

Quite often people experience discomfort and inferiority complex due to outer defects just from the childhood. The problem is particularly topical for the school-age children, because peers are used to mock each other for various reasons, which is why the cosmetic ear surgery is most often done before the child reaches his school age. Specialists at the Microsurgery Centre have also observed that the ear plastic surgery for children is currently in a very high demand. Experts believe that the child’s ear is developing till 6-8 years of age and it does not change its shape later on. However, prior to starting any surgical treatment, it is reasonable to check whether ears are really prominent or only little displaced. In the second case operation is most probably not needed, however, in order to ascertain the situation, you should consult a specialist.

The prominent ear surgery is called otoplasty. During ear plastic surgery excessively large or pronounced ears are transformed to be closer to the head, or their amount is reduced. Most frequently ear plastic surgery is performed on children at the age of 4 to 14 years, but it can also be performed on adults. During the surgery lasting 1-3 hours, specialists create the desired shape of the ear cartilage. Incision is made on the back side of the ear, thus the scar remains invisible.

For the first 10 days following ear plastic surgery an elastic bandage for the head is worn. Return to work or school is possible after 5 to 7 days. During a couple of days after the surgery ears can be swollen and the patient will feel some pain, which will soon disappear. Physical loads shall be limited for 1 to 2 months after the ear plastic surgery. The surgery procedure will have a permanent effect.

Otoplasty surgeons at our centre:

  • Haralds Adovičs
  • Anda Gaile
  • Pēteris Laucis
  • Aivars Tihonovs
  • Nonna Tomiševa
  • Arguts Keirāns
  • Gundars Krauklis

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