Greet Autumn with a Charming Smile!


For your lips to look more attractive, you do not need any surgical manipulations. Hyaluronic acid is a substance, which lives naturally in our bodies, however its level decreases as we get older. Hyaluronic acid regulates our skin elasticity, helping maintain healthy water balance and prevent deformed, wrinkled and withered skin.

Hyaluronic acid is also used for aligning the volume and shape of lips. Specialists in our centre offer this service. The procedure lasts half an hour or one hour and has an immediate effect. The substance is injected into the skin structure, thus increasing the lip volume. The result continues for the period of half a year or one year, because hyaluronic acid absorbs over time, so the procedure should be repeated later. However, sometimes tissues preserve the new shape for a longer time.

You should remember that one of the worst enemies of hyaluronic acid is too much sun. Unfavorable factors also include stress, excessive use of medicines, weakened immune system, diets, computer radiation and various toxins. So, after undergoing the procedure you should try to limit these negative effects for the hyaluronic acid to live longer in your body and your beautiful smile to gladden you and people around you for a longer time!

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