Beautiful Breasts Are a Dream of Every Woman!


Women’s breasts have been a symbol of sexuality and femininity for centuries. Although small and large breasts are charming in their own way, the larger portion of women, naturally endued with small breasts, are very much concerned about that, believing they are not attractive. Dissatisfaction with body can lead to inferiority complexes and lacking self-confidence. It is possible to resolve the problem by applying breast augmentation surgery procedures, being currently one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Latvia and worldwide.

First attempts of performing the breast augmentation surgery were made in 1962 in the USA. Volunteer was a 20-year-old woman. Implants of that time are very much different from modern solutions, nonetheless, the lady, who is already seventy years old, appreciate them greatly still now.

Breast surgery is sought not only by women with small breasts, but also those, whose breasts lost their shape after breast-feeding or quick loss of weight. Quite often the reason why women visit a plastic surgeon is their decision to correct asymmetric breasts or inborn defects, or after traumas or breast removal surgery.

Breast implants are different in size, structure, shape and target. In selecting the most suitable solution, doctors take as a basis the desire of their patients, original shape of breasts, their size and height, as well as body proportions. Those, who would like to enlarge their breasts without breast implants, are offered to take advantage of an alternative opportunity, being the use of the patient’s fat tissues. However, the result of that solution is not always permanent and stable unlike that providing for breast implants. It is also of essential importance that modern implants look natural and quite often it is impossible to identify whether the woman has undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and requires staying in hospital till next morning. During the first week, patient can feel pain and discomfort in the breast region, and after one month can resume various activities – go to sauna, swimming pool, gym and solarium. There is no need to replace implants, which are currently used, after 10-15 years. You can forget about them forever after a successful surgery!

Lacking information and knowledge led to creating various myths about breasts and breast augmentation. One of them is that women with breast implants can no longer be nursing mothers. In reality, breast implants do not affect the lacteal gland, because they are placed either under the gland or muscle. Another popular myth is that breasts can be increased by using various food additives and performing exercises. True is that the size of breasts can be increased inconsiderably only by hormonal agents, while special exercises develop breast muscles, helping carry oneself well and thus accentuate breasts but not increase them.

Research suggests that after performing breast enlargement procedures, women regain their self-confidence and feel satisfied with their body. There is also a strong relationship between appearance and social success – people, who got free from their inferiority complex related to physical appearance, can better realize their potential.

Breast augmentation surgery is a serious decision. It should be taken, if a woman needs to feel more satisfied and confident and to raise her self-appraisal. However, it’s worth remembering that such a step should be taken only for one’s own benefit and not for a beloved man or for saving a marriage.

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