Why us

A professional team of Latvia’s leading world renowned plastic surgeons, traumatologists, orthopaedists and hand surgeons, whose experience has been attained and continuously supplemented in clinics in the USA, Singapore, Norway, Germany and Austria, is here to help You. We follow the newest trends in the industry and offer world-class quality for You to benefit from.

A full range of beauty and recreation services 
The patients enjoy a holistic service throughout their stay: medical advice, plastic surgery treatment, as well as optional tours along the coast of the Baltic Sea. Individual hotel-like rooms ensure the privacy of Your rest.

Experienced and sympathetic staff
Our experienced and sympathetic staff is there to take care of You. All the consultations and services are available in three languages – English, Latvian and Russian, with unquestionable quality. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. We’ll get on, we can assure You of that!

Guaranteed quality at a reasonable price
We use internationally recognised methods (evidence based medicine), the most up-to-date technologies, materials and equipment, thus achieving the top quality of our services. We guarantee an excellent result at a reasonable price.

Reliability and development  
The Microsurgery Centre is a government certified Plastic Surgery Clinic. Our physicians, the leading specialists in the industry, cooperate with Latvian colleges and universities by participating in educational programmes in plastic surgery. With us, You will truly be in safe hands!

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