Microsurgery Centre

The Microsurgery Centre is one of the largest plastic surgery clinics in the Baltic States, offering aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery services. Using our vast range of practical and aesthetic (cosmetic) medical skills, we will do our best to help You achieve Your goal – a healthy and beautiful body – with the utmost quality.

„Plastic surgery not only helps to create or regain a healthy body and working abilities. It is what often helps people to improve their lives by achieving better health, freedom and inner harmony. We take great joy in putting our expertise towards helping You to fulfil Your goals and desires.”

Dr. Med. Mārtiņš Kapickis
CEO, Microsurgery Centre

A professional team of physicians

Our team consists of vigorous, young, yet already experienced plastic surgeons, traumatologists, orthopaedists and child surgeons, who have acquired, and still obtain and further develop their expertise through periodic employment at various positions imposing full clinical responsibility in the USA, Singapore, Norway, Germany and Austria.

The experience gained there, communication with foreign colleagues and a genuine interest in their profession allows for the continuous monitoring of the progress within the field, therefore ensuring the implementation of the most progressive methods in Latvian plastic surgery. Surgeons from foreign clinics also practise periodically at the Microsurgery Centre.

The most significant historical operations

In May 1985, shortly after the department opened, the first finger replantation was performed (a completely cut off finger was sewn back on). In 1985, a hand was sewn back on and in 1986 – a foot.

In 2000, Mārtiņš Kapickis sewed a turn off testicle back onto a 14-year-old teenager. The surgery was successful.

In 2003, Dr. Tihonovs sewed toes onto one man’s hand. He had a work related injury where he had lost four fingers of the right hand, excluding the thumb, and this option was the only way to somehow restore the hand function.

In 2006, the plastic surgeon Aivars Tihonovs sewed a cut off penis back onto a man in his prime. “Surgery was successful. According to the patient’s words, it was a bet,” commented Dr. Adovičs.

In 2008, for the first time in Latvia, microsurgeons transplanted two toes onto a two-year-old child. In 2007, the boy got an electrical burn and lost three fingers on his left hand. To restore hand function and its grip strength, doctors transplanted two toes; one from the right, and one from the left leg. The surgery was made by the paediatric surgeon Dzintars Ozols.

In 2010, Dr. Kalvis Pastars did the first oesophagus reconstruction with a free graft of the small intestine.

In 2011, the Microsurgery Centre, in state paid surgery, already made the second oesophageal reconstruction surgery in Latvia. The 49-year-old patient had laryngeal cancer, rooted in the oesophagus. The tumour was removed during the surgery and the oesophagus was restored by using the intestine transplant. The surgery was made by the microsurgeon Kalvis Pastars in cooperation with the Latvian Oncology centre specialists Juris Tārs and Armands Sīviņš.

In February 2011, doctors made a new oesophagus for a 45-year-old man who had inadvertently drunk a chemical substance. A half metre long large intestine fragment was used for the transplant. The surgery was made by the microsurgeon Kalvis Pastars, Oncology centre head and neck surgeon Juris Tārs and oncologists-surgeons Vladimirs and Sergejs Januškeviči, anaesthesiologist - reanimatologist Baiba Pauliņa and the nurse team.

In 2012, a radical tumour resection and complex reconstruction of the lower face was made in one sitting to a patient with a lower jaw tumour. The surgical outcome meant the patient had a significantly lower face defect. Microsurgery Centre specialists Kalvis Pastars and Arguts Keirāns made a complex reconstruction of the lower face.

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